Thursday, 31 January 2013

Introducing our Singaporean players, 2

Yeap, it's back. Today's player is a well known Blackwing (Black Feather) enthusiast and also the writer of his own blog, Avengingknight's Yu-Gi-Oh Zone. It's Vishal Dharshan!

2011 Asia Championship Qualifyer Top 16
2011 Asia Plus Top 8 with Evol
2011 Top Shop of Singapore Top 4 with Blackwing

Could you introduce yourself and how long you've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh?
Hello, my name is Vishal aka avengingknight, I have been playing Yugioh since 2008.

In all the past formats you've played which has been your favourite and why?
Definitely the March 2010 format. The format was filled with great plays but with balanced decks such as Blackwings and Machina.

Since playing Yu-Gi-Oh, what has been your favourtie card and why?
Black Whirlwind, mainly because it's my favourite deck and also because it makes the entire deck more versatile and consistent.

I assume then your favourite deck is Blackwings, why is that so?
Yes. Blackwings in my opinion are a very balanced deck. There is no two card OTK in the deck. Hence it rewards skillful plays. And also Blackwing monsters are cool :D.

I have to agree with that, being a former Blackwing player myself. In your opinion, how large are the differences between OCG and TCG and how much has Extra Pack done to reduce that?
Honestly, before Extra Pack 2012 was released, they were like 2 different card games. Now everybody can enjoy the same amount of brokenness in the cards, which is better IMO.

Do you forsee the OCG and TCG becoming even more similar as time passes or more differences to crop up as more exclusives get released before Extra Pack 2013?
I can see that happening to a certain extent. Konami will definitely release TCG exclusive cards like Tour Guide in the future. But it all comes to who plays better and not who plays more broken cards.

There have been complaints that the game is taking less and less skill, though such complaints are definitely fewer than before, do you forsee the game to become more skill based with the direction Konami is going?
If the ban list eliminates decks that can OTK or lock with 2 or less cards, then the format will mostly be based on how skilled you are rather than how lucky you are in drawing the 2 cards. There should be satisfaction in a loss and not hatred because you lost to a skilless play.

Well said indeed, regarding the local scene, how competitive is it in your opinion, and how well do your forsee youself performing in 2013?
Singapore locals are actually very competitive. It is not very easy to top in our locals. I have been doing well since 2013 begun. The deck I currently pilot is Dark World (hail Grapha). I believe it is the best meta call. As for foresee I'm hoping to get Top 8 finish at a major event.

Looking into the March 2013 format, what do you expect it to be comprised of/dominated by?
Fire Fist mainly. The rest will have to depend what's on the list.

So what do you think is going to be on the list?
Monster Reborn.

I think that's about it, thanks a lot for your time, do you have any shoutouts?
Yeah, Kenneth Tan for starting Pokemon with me and yourself for conducting this interview for Singaporeans!

So there you have it, also expect a banlist post soon.

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