Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Burning Knuckler

It is just BF in a new way LOL, they even called it BK.

Spar is similar to Bora
Switch Hitter is similar to the best card that ever exsisted
Counter Blow is Kulat

All that's left is for furthur support and this deck will be just like the good old days!

Lead Blow also looks quite strong, and being a Warrior deck, can utilise already exsisting Warrior perks such as Blade Heart and Excalibur.

Really looking forward to building it, although the Phantom Fighter Planes thingy does look like it has quite abit of potential, although having to choose the best generic Rank 3-7 Exceeds in 15 cards could prove to be a challenge.


  1. "Switch Hitter is similar to the best card that ever exsisted"

    Which card?

    1. BF-Blizzard durh?
      Lol jus personal opinion.

    2. K, I was curious because I don't consider Blizzard the best card xD