Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I'm back. Kinda

Only because I have found ways to win whilst going second.

Let me get something straight. Going first is pretty advantageous this format, especially if you're using one of the Big 2. Judgment and Reju allow you to plus off on Turn 1 and put you in the driver's seat if you utilise them PROPERLY. (Less than 10% of players in the world I believe)

Going second and being able to win has shown, to some extent, that I am winning based on two key factors:
1. My opponent drew shiddy.
2. I played better than my opponent.
You can go on about any argument that I opened broke, as far as I'm concerned if my opponent doesn't have the hand traps to stop me he opened shiddy. And really opening shiddy consistently means the problem lies with the build, which is ultimately defined by none other than, the player.

That being said, the format, believe it or not, is a healthy one. Yes it is pretty much a two deck format, with the occasional surprise of an Infernity or Gadget a.k.a first turn Shock Ruler, but the better players have been able to tech their decks in such a way that overextension and mindless predictable plays can be easily punished.

As far as I'm concerned, bad players are losing. That is to me a sign of a healthy format. Occasionally they are going to open broke and derp on you making 20 mistakes on the way, but if that happens too often, which I sometimes feel it does, it goes to show that your consistency levels and openings could be further improved on. That is something you have to look back on and reflect upon YOURSELF.

To be honest, these decks that Konami have made have so much potential to make some really innovative plays, but all we do with them is derp. Every week something new about them could possibly be discovered, and more innovations and all that good jazz.

As for now, anyone complaining about the format needs to take a good long look at whether or not they have been a significant contributing factor to their own losses. Innovation is what is lacking to propel oneself to victory, and I dare say innovation is scarce even among some of the better known players around the world.

My advice is simple, play YOUR own game. Don't go around copying this build or that build and don't play Wave Motion Cannon. Sure, some tards are really doing that with their BS (like playing RUM in Infernity WTF), but what is most important is to keep an open mind to new POSSIBILITIES. Cause after all that's what defines the great from the best.

Anyone who gonna give me BS that Drago-LaDD opening is OP, needs a serious reality check.

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