Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hoard all the Dust Tornado!

Dust Tornado is going to be an extremely potent piece of backrow removal in the upcoming format. Reason being that it can be activated during your opponent's turn to stop bullshit like Tenki and Tensu, and has more utility than MST with it's secondary effect, which can:

1. Help protect cards from being MST-ed or Night Beam-ed during you opponent's Main Phases.
2. For Infernity players, give the opponent a fake sense of security that even if you top deck Archfiend you can't use the effect by setting your last hand card with Dust Tornado's effect during the End Phase.
3. In general, to force optional effects of Spell/Trap that activate when destroyed to miss timing.

I think Dust Tornado has finally risen from the slumps of being that lousy MST to a main deck worthy card, we'll have to see as the format progresses from March. As of now, I see much potential in this card as more than just Side Deck stuff, but given time I'm sure it'll prove itself.

As for now, just hoard all dem Dust Tornados.

1 comment:

  1. It also makes backrowless decks more prominent, chaos dragons might be a rogue deck choice this up coming asia