Sunday, 3 February 2013

In preparation for March 2013

I don't think this list is going to be easy to predict. In fact, I'm not even going to try to predict it in full.

What I forsee is older problem decks, such as Wind-up getting knocked off a bit but not to an unplayable state, and the next format to be a monster based format.

Konami has been releasing several new archetypes that are different but playable, it appears they want to diversify the meta with the new archetypes, but not let anyone of them be miles ahead of the others. That said, Fire Fists and Mermails appear to be the top contenders with decent support in upcoming sets.

If it is true that the meta is set to be diversified, then only problem staples should be hit. Right now I can only think of 2 problem cards, which are Monster Reborn and Heavy Storm. I hate Mind Control, but that has certainly lost power and will only continue to lose power as the meta diversifies.

Reborn should not be allowed to stay any longer, the card is on borrowed time. Heavy Storm is iffy as part of me wants it to stay, most of me wants it to go. I do feel that snipe backrow cards, like MST, Dust Tornado and Night Beam should not be as abundant, perhaps 4-6 in both altogether in Side and Main, so perhaps something may happen to them. I doubt it.

BLS is honestly no longer a problem in my eyes. The card is vulnerable to almost all types of monster removal, and Chaos attributes are losing power as more and more support goes in favour of the Elemental attributes.

That's what I think, in fact, this list is more likely to balance out the splashable cards instead of killing off any deck in particular. Konami has shown that they rather cards fade out of the meta than straight up putting it on the banlist in previous banlists.

I do think though, if Rescue Rabbit doesn't go to 1 that Fire Fists will continue to dominate.

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