Saturday, 11 May 2013

How to play around Droll & Lock Bird using Prophecy

Droll & Lock Bird's existence is both a bane and a blessing to Prophecy decks, as they can be splashed easily into the deck as well as significantly hurt the deck's engine.

Here's an example:
Activate Judgment
Activate Upstart
Activate Upstart
"Thanks for the 2000LP, here's a Droll & Lock for your troubles."

This results in a:
1 for 1 exchange (Judgment for Droll & Lock)
2 new cards in hand
2000 extra LP for your opponent

Naturally this exchange would favour your opponent, as Droll & Lock has done its job and ensured that Judgment doesn't. The 2 extra cards were also probably nullified by the Droll & Lock Bird.

Does this make Droll & Lock Bird the most OP side against the deck?
Probably not....

The problem with Droll & Lock is that its design is suppose to ensure that it gives a -1. To utilise this design, we should give as many windows for Droll & Lock as possible before activating the Judgment. A crucial timing to drop Droll & Lock is when the Master is added to hand. If that goes through, we could then decide if we need to risk giving them that window for an extra count on Judgment.

All this being said, it is time to DROP ALL THE TOON TABLE AND UPSTART, 6 windows to Droll & Lock can easily be filled with Star Halls or even additional Towers, as these cards give counts on Judgment as well not providing windows for the dreaded birdy. Reason that OCG still maintain these is the lack of Star Halls in our meta, which could easily take 3 slots after its release.

So in order to play around Droll & Lock, we should try to ensure a -1 on every window as much as possible. That's basically it ya.

Or you could maindeck Dimensional Fissure LOLOLOL.

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