Sunday, 26 May 2013

Qualifier at Full Yen

I used this decklist today testing out with Terraforming as a more selective substitute for Toon Table of Contents. 

Similar to last week this was a Single Elimination tournament, and there were about 40 players, 47 I think....

By the Top 8 there were
3 Dragon Ruler/E-Drag
2 Evilswarm/Verz
2 4-Star Fire Fist
1 Prophecy/Magical

Unlike last week, there was a decrease in Magical play, with it only landing one spot in the Top 8, Verz play increased and the surprise appearance of not 1 but 2 Fire Fist in the Top 8 made for an interesting mix, surely something that we have not seen for a long time.

The presence of Fire Fist could be due to the imminent rise in Verz play with the deck know for its poor matchup against the Beast Warrior deck, with a few lucky pairings in this 5-6 round tournament, with some Fire Fist only having to win twice to reach the Top 8.

The cut to the Top 4 was
2 E-Drag
2 Verz

The No.2 deck of the format was wiped out by the Top 4, and an E-Drag mirror at Top 8 ensured that 1 would drop, there were no mirror matches at this point, which led to the "much dreaded" Verz matchup for the E-Drag players.

By the final, a Verz mirror match saw 3 quick games seal the deal, in what seemed to be a "whose monsters can hit harder" faceoff.

As for the how to fight EEV as Magical article, weeeeeellll I lost the last 6 games in which I got EEV-ed, and I realised the only reason that I could beat others who have done the same is because they just aren't very good. When EEV is put in the hands of someone who understands what they are doing the Magical player is fucked. I don't think I need to explain how to beat bad players who deplete their entire hand on the first turn as E-Drag.

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