Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to use Infernity Exceed

In response to Thomas' request that I do a post on it, well here it is.

Disclaimer: While playing the deck I use mostly instincts, so there is no real strategy I have when using it.

However, the first priority in my opinion is to get 1 Archfiend's effect to go off, and depending on the situation, decide what else to take.

If Patrol is in grave, take another Archfiend, use Patrol's effect then you can search for Necro if your Normal Summon isn't used yet, if not, take Infernity Break or Barrier depending on what the current situation appears to require.

It is actually not advisable to take Launcher unless you have a way to fully utilize Archfiend special summons. The ideal scenario would be to get out Necro and Archfiend, get a search, and use Necro's eff to get another Archfiend to get another search.

The deck focuses on churning Rank 4 Exceeds, and with Archfiends tutoring each other, it won't be long before all 3 are out of the deck. That way, feel free to use Infernity Break to remove Archfiend and retrieve it with Leviair's effect.

The key Exceed in the deck are Lavalval Chain, No.16, Direwolf, and Abyss Dweller, reason being they allow you to detach materials with no conditions unless you have no cards left in deck in the case of Chain. This is EXTREMELY VITAL, as the flow of Archfiend special summons allow you to dictate the tempo of the game. In some of my earlier games, I ended 3 turns without using Necromancer's effect because I made a Pearl and my Archfiends were stuck under it.

Also, as a form of personal tech, I chose to use Blade Armour Ninja as well due to the pressure it can provide. I chose it ahead of Excalibur cos it was a birthday present and means more to me LOL.

I do not agree with the need to use Emeral, as the only reason you should be making Emeral is when you're behind, you aren't even supposed to be behind. If you're ahead, you should go straight for the kill or at least be applying pressure constantly.

Does the deck really die to Raiou? In the mid game yes, as this is the point you've used up your Grephers, your only real Exceed material to lure Raiou's effect out with is Archfiend, putting you even furthur behind. However, in the early game, just use the Grepher to set up before baiting with some Maestroke probably.

tl;dr Use Patrol effect to fully utilize Archfiend tutoring, hence Patrol is arguably the most important engine peice. Also, don't be afraid to use Patrol's effect to SS Patrol from hand just to reduce hand size, the SS-ed Patrol can also be used later as Exceed material.