Thursday, 24 January 2013

Elemental Dragons

I think LTGY biggest cause for hooha is actually these 4 mofos.

All of them have a semi-broken effect, and my personal favourite would have to be Redox cos I'm a Chemistry geek and cos Monster Reborn is looking to FINALLY be banned.

However, like my previous post on Tidal, Redox's effect being one of the strongest leaves it to have almost no attack at all. whereas Blaster and Tidal are HUGE.

That being said, Redox is not needed on the field, so there are two uses it has:
1. Prepare to Endphase go back hand
2. Use for Rank 7 Exceed.

That being said, wtf they are all Level 7 that's making Big Eye broken as shit.

Anyway, I think proper Machina Gadget, not with Tinplate, will be a real contender with the inclusion of Redox in their decklist.

I also think Blaster is asking for abuse, but I can't find a suitable way to truly abuse it other than popping your own Garudinix.

And banlist post should be up anytime now.

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