Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Introducing our Singaporean players, 1

Ok this is a ripoff of Kyde's Rolling with the Top Dogs, in this segment, I will be interviewing prominent players in Singapore's competitive scene that are not so well known. Well, today's player is extremely well known in the country as well as over the Causeway in Malaysia, it's Sherwyn Lim!

Asia Plus 2012 Top 8

By his request, there will be no picture of him. Future interviews (if any) would hopefully have a picture of the player.

My words will be bolded whilst responses will be bolded in red.

So Sherwyn, when did you start Yugioh?

Of all the formats you've played in which has been your favourite?

Hmmm, that's interesting, what has been your favourite card since playing Yugioh?

If you could bring back a card from the banlist, what would it be and why?
Ummmmmm, dunno, LOL.

Ok, now tell me, what do you enjoy about Yugioh?
The plays and the people playing it.

Can you give me an example?
I was only joking, I enjoy Yugioh because it is interesting.

Haha, that was very funny, was there any moment in Yugioh which you regret or treasure?
I have 1 regret in WCQ (World Championship Qualifyer) 2012 which I don't wish to tell. Sorry.

That's alright. The March 2013 Banlist is approaching do you see any unexpected cards on the list?
My thoughts are almost the same as the rest, Wind-Ups are getting a hit. IMO Mermails will not be touched although Bixuan (from HLG) abuses it too much with his (Armor) Kappa and Megalo.

Haha. What do you forsee the next format to be comprised of/dominated by?
It should be dominated by HEROes, Fire King and Mermails. Fire King eat Mermails, Mermails eat HEROes, HEROes eat Fire King. Verz would also be another contender though in small numbers.

So we are looking at a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" format? Any rouge decks other than Verz you expect to contend against this Big Three?
Lavals, as Maxx "C"  wouldn't be much use.

Ok, in the Singapore competitive scene, we've seen some big achievements on the international stage, such as several tops in the World Championships and actually winning it in 2009. How far do you see yourself in the competitive scene in 2013?
Wow, that's a tricky question. Singapore is very competitive IMO, so I will just do my best and hope for the best. I forsee myself getting a Top 8 in Asia Plus this year.

Thanks a lot for your time. Do you have any shoutouts?
Keith Chen :), Wesley Seek, Bixuan.

That's all?

Well that's the end of this interview. Yay.

Disclaimer: grammatical changes and removal of local slang were made to the actual interview to allow foreign readers to fully understand it. After all, this IS to promote Singaporean players to the foreigners.


As for banlist predictions, I can only say, I have absolutely no idea. For the first time in all my Yugioh I have no idea what direction Konami wants, everything they are making is completely fresh, completely new, they could start set rotation and the game would still be competitive.

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