Thursday, 3 January 2013


Not much, as I haven't been willing to travel to play any locals for like a month. Anyway, after facing a Phantom Fighter Plane thingy deck with Inzecter I realised Flying type wins Bug type and that shit CRUSHES Zecter with their inability to blow up.

The deck clearly has alot of power right now and it's kinda tempting as I enjoy playing such toolbox decks. However, BK would still be my deck of choice between the two due to it being a Warrior deck, which allows more room for sudden PMS aggression.

Also, I made a new DN account and it's NoLogicEustace. Right now the rating is not very high only about 800, but the account is only 4 days old so I think it's quite reasonable :)

If you want to playtest anything and see me online you can drop me a PM and if I'm free maybe we can have a game.

Right now, really looking forward to the new pack as it is going to introduce alot of balanced (IMO) archetypes that can compete at Tier 1.5 easily.

NOT looking forward to Fire Fist as that deck is as easy to read as Harry Potter, the whole toolboxyness of the deck is not challenging at all to me but there's not much you can do if they burst 700 ATK for no reason.

Logically speaking they're like Inzecter too, but since their bigger it makes up for their inability to really choose what they want to blow up and their Hornets aren't renewable resources too.

That's all for now, oh and I don't expect Harpie to be big. They really need that Spell to blow up badly, so they need the Spell that's bad enough, and they need to blow it up, which no one will do for them. Sounds like Geartown to me. Plover is strong, but it's not a carry.


  1. Activate Harpies Hunting Ground.
    Activate Hysteric Sign.
    Summon any random Harpie.
    Destroy Hysteric Sign.
    Add Harpies to hand.

    1. They need to get the Sign in the first place, then they need the Hunting Ground, and they need a Harpie. 3 card engines without natural toolboxes for any of them aren't reliable IMO.