Sunday, 30 December 2012

Verz or Sacred?

In just a matter of weeks, the meta shift from Mermail/HERO/Fuck-ups all that good jazz to the new Verz/Sacred hooha has taken the OCG meta by storm (kinda).

These are not new archetypes, in fact, the only new cards in both archetypes are the Graveyard retrievers Cercyon and Sombres.

Personally, I feel both decks are competitve and stronk, that's why they've been winning shit. 

What I feel is that Verz has a more linear engine, and being a control based toolbox deck, is naturally easier to counter. The plus point of Verz is the bulk of their monsters as well as that annoying dick Thunderbird.

Sacred is to me an agressive style deck that should be used to churn out large Exceeds that force out removal, with the presence of Omega the job is made even easier as they cannot simply wait to Compulse your Exceed and must clear the material first.

Sacred rewards good plays with easy and quick wins, while Verz rewards personal decision making as most of the deck is large monsters and 1 for 1 removal.

So personally, I would prefer to play Sacred. Cos I rather be rewarded on one big decision, rather than small decisions here and there.

I may post how to counter these decks in my opinion if I feel my counter tactics are not so personalized and easy to adapt.

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