Sunday, 23 December 2012

Revisiting BF

In my previous post I talked about BK or Burning Knuckler, which I am very excited about cos of its similarity with BF, one of my favourite decks of all time.

So in that excitement I decided to rebuild my BF deck, and it is showing some consistent results.

1x BLS
3x Best card in the world
3x Bora
3x Shura
1x Zephyros
2x Kulat
1x Sirocco
1x Gale
1x Gorz
1x DAD
2x Veiler
2x Verz Mandrago
2x Thrasher
1x Maxx C

1x Allure
1x Whirlwind
1x Book of Moon
1x Monster Reborn
1x Storm
1x MST
1x Night Shot
2x Pot of Duality

3x Icarus
2x Torrential
1x Solemn Jadgement
1x Bottomless Trap Hole

The decklist does not look like some conventional meta deck and rightly so cos it is not. What I have been trying to do with it is to make it a toolbox deck to churn out Rank 4 whilst having the presence and backup in the form of Kulat and Blizzard.

As a whole the early game can and should be played with typical BF openings ie. Shura and backrow. Essentially it is jus a toolbox Rank 4 deck that can play Icarus.

The Sirocco I kept because, Raiou is OP and needs to be banned.

I'm joking, but Raiou is a real pain in the ass for this deck.

The extra deck should be personalised but I believe Arms Wing and Armoured Wing are both must haves as they are Icarus targets, Black Rose as well.

The deck has shown reasonable success in normal games, but I wouldn't be confident enough to bring it into a tournament lol, besides, Verz does what this deck does but better. The only edge this deck really has ahead of other decks in the current meta is access to Icarus which is a really powerful plus card.


  1. Bring it to a tourney man! BF is still a very strong deck.Just wait for march and they are gonna be back. and dont forget, the next set has wind support which means winged beast support~

  2. The deck straight up dies to alot of the new meta, namely Verz and Fire King. Fire King eats this deck alive.