Monday, 14 January 2013

Ranking Tourney 13/1/13

Decided to finally get out of Yew Tee for a few hours, get some ranking points as well.

Anyway I used my Infernity Exceed build and there were 12 players that day.

Round 1 vs Ash (Evol) OXO
Game 1 and 2 were night and day as it showed both the best and worst possible scenarios for the deck. Game 1 I opened broke and game 2 I opened jank, I only managed to win game 3 due to walling in time out, although I had earlier made a mistake in that game of activating Archfiend topdeck against a Dolkka when I could have just made Pearl to seal the game.

Round 2 vs Ash's friend (Verz) XOO
I think I performed extremely poorly in all 3 games, with some clutch Black Horn of Heavens as well as standard beatdown taking the games for me. I was quite mentally exhausted as I was up till 3am the night before as well as having to play around the hate that Evol was able to side into and decided to just fuck away all his LP with 1800 beats from Archfiend.

I decided to let my friend Bixuan (from HLG) take the win for the next round (it was Top 4 in single elimination) as my head was like BOOM. 

Though I didn't learn anything new or made any real big plays, I think actually playing around with a side deck helped me realise that this new build required different side deck cards from my old build. I also realised my tournament stamina is at an all time low. Like wtf. Need to buck up on that.

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  1. At least u didn't go clubbing with Sam ! My ears like pounding the next day