Monday, 20 May 2013

Qualifier at SG Cardmart

I brought this decklist to the event with a couple of changes.
I dropped the Cresent for the Kycoo in the side deck as well as sided in an extra Maxx "C"
That's all, for Mr Sherpro who was into my decklist.

Back to the important stuff.
This was a single elimination tournament in which the winner would gain automatic seeding into the Top 16 of the main event.
There were a total of 48 players.

By the time it was cut to the Top 8 there were:
4 Prophecy/Magical
3 Dragon Ruler/E-Drag
1 Mermail/Mermail

Surprisingly, the dominate force of E-Drag seemed failed to secure more Top 8 slots than the so called No.2 deck of the format. This was likely due to mirror matches leading to the Top 8 that caused many E-Drag players to drop.

There is an obvious void in the Top 8 and I think the term is 'Evilswarm/Verz'. LOL, the deck is simply not that good this format as E-Drag players find even more and more counters for it. Even the 'foolproof' Maxx "C" has been countered with Droll & Lock Bird.

Anyway, there was a Magical mirror match in the Top 8, which ensured at least 1 Magical to proceed onward to the Top 4, there were however no E-Drag mirrors.

Top 4 consisted of:
3 E-Drag
1 Magical

BOOM BOOM BOOM, just like that, the Dragons retained their dominance in the Top 4, and the ability to utilise EEV can really fuck them Spells yo. There are ways to beat E-Drags after eating an EEV, but those hands are quite specific and I will go into detail about that in a later post.

In the final, E-Drags once again bested Magical as what seems to be the story of the format.

I tested out the D.Fissure in main deck and realised that it was not bad, but really doesn't help the deck's main strategy if you draw 2, let alone 3. Simply put it is a Toon Table of Content that can't get Droll-ed.

The deck used was purely experimental, I figured out a few things here and there, such as which of my side deck cards were really useful. and whatnot. As for the Exchange that the Japan side has been using recently, will not rely on that too much as you have to give them something, and the only thing you would really want from them is the Droll or Veiler.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't really see Exchange being a thing in the mirror, rather it is to ensure that all dem Drolls are fucked.

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