Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I'm enlisting into National Service on the 15th of February, so posts will be very few for the next couple of months. However, I will still continue to study the game, and post as often as possible about stuff I think deserve to be talked about in the Singaporean metagame. Also, expect another Introducing our Singaporean Players for my next post, I already know who it's going to be :D

As of today, which is the LGTY release for most people I must say Konami did splendidly in business terms this time around. They:
1. Made decent tech-able commons and rares.
2. Made good support for existing archetypes
3. Made decent introductions into the meta, which could certainly help diversify the game.
4. Made a Tier 1 deck that requires skill to win, is fun to play, and everything is Super Rare.

Basically with the last point, they have made one of the most profitable moves that is still able to make the player base happy.

Next step is banning Heavy Storm.

Let's be honest, no one will ever be truly happy if Heavy Storm stays or goes. We all wish we have it, we all wish that our opponent doesn't. There will forever be complaints on both sides.

More importantly, the announcement of the new Extra Pack, BOMB THE WORLD.

But please don't Attack the Moon. =D

P.S All that hype about Mental Drain, the card is thrash. Complete rubbish, you heard it here first.

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