Friday, 22 March 2013

More than a month without updates!

Doesn't mean I'm out of action. In fact, I am enjoying the new format and I don't know why people are whining.

Well, I'm not enjoying Spellbooks though.

The Elemental Dragons allow even more innovation in the game than ever before, and recently I've been testing and Atlantean Beat build that uses Tidal as a floating beater.

Decklist maybe when I'm free.

Anyway, in the past month, I've only played in like 2 tourneys.

The first was of course ACQ, which I had only planned to play 3 rounds and drop as I had to book in that night.

Sad to say I went 1-2 with Infernity. I was drawing quite bad if I must say, won every game I drew a playable hand in.

I also took part in the Ranking tournament at Full Yen with the second draft of my Atlanean Beat, going 1-1 in Single Elimination.

As of now, these are the two decks I intend to pilot this format, thought I am looking forward to Phantom Plane support, as well as War God. Ya.

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